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Somebody once said, "You are what you read." It's like the old saying about health, "You are what you eat", physically. Well, you are what you read, mentally and spiritually. If you like to read the Word of God best, then that shows you love the Word of God and you would rather hear from the Lord than anybody.

Whatever you're reading is spiritual food, whether you believe it or not, and if it's not the Word of God, written by a man of God, then it is the word of the Devil written by a man of Satan! And if you spend more time reading books like that than you do reading God's Word, something is wrong with you!--You have a perverted appetite spiritually, a perverted hunger.

You cannot dwell on that stuff and make that your major source of inspiration, relaxation or recreation without it affecting you. It's hurting your spiritual life! It's hurting your relationship with God!

When I was a newborn (spiritual) babe, newly anointed by the Holy Spirit of God, I was so hungry for the Word of God that for years I never read anything but the Bible! All I wanted to hear was the Bible, and I read it and read it and read it, and studied and studied and studied it. I found the Bible was such an enormous study and so fascinating and so deep and so broad that it was "waters to swim in" (Ezekiel 47:5)! I didn't have time to fiddle around with anything else.

How can you waste your time reading anything else when you have not even read the whole Bible yet? How could you neglect the Words of Life for words that I cannot but say are the words of death?

Some of these guys like Freud and Nietzsche as good as said "God is dead," and are therefore of the Devil! What good can come out of them, even if part of what they say might be true? Part of what the Devil says is always true, because he couldn't get you to believe his lies unless he told you some truth mixed with it, which would deceive you into thinking his lies were true too!

"Whose words do eat like a canker" (cancer), God's Word says! (2Ti.2:17) They are false prophets and their words do eat like a cancer, corrupting and corroding your spirit without you even knowing it!

I just don't understand how anybody could be interested in "cunningly devised fables", as the Bible calls it (2Pet.1:16), instead of the true Word of God. Oh, they're clever, very clever!--Written with the demonic Satanic wisdom of the Devil himself!--Cunningly devised to deceive you and to lead you astray and to pervert you and warp you and twist you spiritually to where you don't know what is true!

The Devil always mixes in little fascinating absorbing truths like, "And ye shall be as gods". (Gen.3:5) That was a tremendous truth, fascinating, tempting, intriguing! So they just skipped over and ignored the lie when he said, "Ye shall not surely die", because they began dying from the first bite of his fiction!--and you will begin dying spiritually from the first bite of that trash!

The first temptation of man by the Devil was something to make you supposedlywise!: Knowledge! When Eve looked at the tree in the Garden, she saw that it was good to look at, good for food and would make you wise. (Gen.3:6) Well, reading that kind of books will not make you wise! It will make you dumber and thicker and more confused and further from the Truth than ever! They are foolishness to God! (1Cor.3:19)--Foolishness!

I don't care how much truth you find in them, they are still the Devil's truth and just absolutely submerged in his lies! Perversions of truth are more dangerous than outright lies! I'd rather see you burn them than have you led astray! They are spiritual drugs which benumb your spiritual sensitivity to the Voice and the Truth of God!

It's like poison in the camp to even have those books around! Once you have rejected the good and chosen the evil, and you get accustomed to reading the evil, pretty soon "truth resisted loses its power over your soul"! (2Th.2:10-12) The more you swallow the Devil's lies and his man's wisdom, the more you're going to believe it!

I am convinced that both Nietzsche and Freud were absolutely demonicallydemon-possessed, and why anybody would want to read what the Devil has to say, I don't know! Those men have left a slimy, poisonous, diabolical trail across the path of education of the World today that has nearly perverted the entire Earth and is damning it to Hell!

Only the Words of God have lived on! Only the Words of Jesus actually accomplish anything! All that stuff from the famous teachers and ancient philosophers is [dung]!--Just plain sickening [dung] of man!

And you can't wade through [dung] without getting it on you! You can't wade through the garbage and the gutter without getting besmirched. And as far as I'm concerned, that stuff is worse than [dung], it is more defiling! It doesn't bear good fruit.

As far as I'm concerned, it is a breach of spiritual security: To let the Devil get into your mind and your thoughts and your soul and your spirit and your heart is the most dangerous thing you can do! I am not going to have potential cracks in the armour, gaps in the wall through which the Devil can possibly drive a wedge because of his deviltry and his propaganda.

Why go the way of the rest of the World? Why get all tangled up and confused and misled by their false phoney wisdom?

"Whatsoever things are true, good, pure and of good report, think on thesethings." (Phil.4:8)--Not these lies and deceits and theories of man!--You don't have to know all the evil machinations of the Enemy to be able to fight him, all you have to know is the Truth! If you have the sword of the Lord, the Word of God as your weapon, your offensive weapon, that's all you need!

Jesus, help us! Help us to read what Your King David said, how he did find Thy Words and he did eat them, and all the things You said about Thy laws and Thy Word and Thy precepts. He lived in them night and day, as we did for years, Lord, and still
do in trying to teach them to others. (See Jer.15:16 ; Pr.3:3 ; Ps.119 .)

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